After Winter Landscaping – Repairs and Maintenance

The ground is finally starting to thaw, and landscaping life is slowly returning. As much as we would like to think the return of color, blooms and blossoms is effortless, maintenance, repairs and clean up are essential for ensuring the overall health of the appearance, design and esthetic.

Understanding the Timeline for Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance, by definition, an ongoing process, is designed to keep up the keep up!

Typically speaking, landscape maintenance usually runs from the months of April to December. Why so long? Simple answer, landscape maintenance is intricate and designed for sustainability. Let’s peek at the nuts and bolts of landscape maintenance!

Standard Landscaping Priorities Through the Year

  • April Thru May – The Start of it All.
    • Site Maintenance, Bed Management, Trash Pick Up
    • Edging Along Sidewalks/Curbs
    • Spring Aeration
    • Irrigation Activation
    • Irrigation Checks 
    • Turf Pre-Emergent Weed Spray 
    • Turf Post Emergent Weed Spray
    • Slow-Release Turf Fertilization 
    • Low Branch Pruning 
    • Spring Clean Up’s 
    • Site Inspections
  • June, July, August, September, October
    • Site Maintenance, Bed Management, Trash Pick Up
    • Edging Along Sidewalks/Curbs
    • Native Turf Mowing 
    • Native Post Emergent Spray
    • Irrigation Checks
    • Turf Post Emergent Weed Spray 
    • Shrub Pruning 
    • Low Branch Pruning
    • Site Inspections
  • November Thru December – Wrapping It Up!
    • Irrigation Winterization
    • Shrub Pruning
    • Fall Cleanup – Includes Cutting Back Perennials and Grasses 
    • Winter Services
    • Site Inspections

Landscape Services – Going Beyond the “Standard”

Albeit the above services look quite extensive, there are several additional services that are NOT typically bundled into standard landscaping maintenance that should, indeed, be considered that can greatly improve curb appeal and keep your landscapes thriving! 

  1. Summer Annual Flower Installation and Maintenance
  2. Fall Annual Flower Installation, Maintenance and Watering
  3. Winter Watering of Turf, Trees and Shrubs
  4. Deep Root Feeding
  5. Tree Pruning
  6. Tree Wrapping
  7. Backflow Testing
  8. Plant Healthcare/Insect Sprays
  9. Native Area Weed Control 
  10. Dead Removal
  11. Tree, Plant and Sod Removal
  12. Mulch or Rock Top Dressing 

 Look daunting? Doesn’t have to be…

At OnePRO Services we know how frustrating it can be to have to manage all the aspects of landscape maintenance. We were created out of a need to give our customers access to a more efficient and effective way of doing business. 

Less Hassle, Less Headache, Better Results