Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Denver 

The Importance of Annual Landscape Maintenance

A commercial landscape maintenance plan is crucial for numerous reasons, especially in Colorado.

A maintenance plan will provide longevity to the blooming cascading flowers, serene shade escapes of trees and fresh, clean-cut grass. Maintenance plans provide worry free curb and client appeal for those spring, summer and fall months of April thru November. It’s also a good way to protect your property investment and proactively ensure it’s in tip top shape.

For most owners it’s peace of mind knowing that their property is being cared for while they’re busy running their own day to day businesses.

What’s Included in Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plans? 

Typical services will include but are not limited to the below:

  1. Weekly Turf Maintenance – Mowing, Trimming, Blowing
  2. Bed Management and Trash Pickup 
  3. Edging Along Sidewalks and Curbs
  4. Native Turf Mowing
  5. Spring Aeration
  6. Irrigation Activation
  7. Turf Pre-Emergent Weed Spray
  8. Spring Cleanups 
  9. Irrigation Checks and Repairs – Repairs May be Subject to Additional Cost  
  10. Turf Fertilization
  11. Turf Post Emergent Weed Spray
  12. Fall Cleanup – Includes Cutting Back Perennials and Grasses 
  13. Shrub Pruning
  14. Low Branch Pruning 
  15. Irrigation Winterization
  16. Site Inspections 

If you don’t see a service that your commercial property requires listed above, mention it to your landscape maintenance services provider. 

Other Useful Services for Annual Maintenance

Oftentimes, services to consider that are not listed as typical, can include but are not limited to:

  1. Summer Annual Flower Installation and Maintenance
  2. Fall Annual Flower Installation, Maintenance and Watering
  3. Winter Watering of Turf, Trees and Shrubs
  4. Deep Root Feeding
  5. Tree Pruning
  6. Tree Wrapping
  7. Backflow Testing
  8. Plant Healthcare/Insect Spray
  9. Native Area Weed Control
  10. Dead Removal
  11. Tree, Plant and/or Sod Replacement
  12. Mulch or Rock Top Dressing 

Protecting & Maintaining Your Commercial Properties Annually

If you have thousands of dollars invested into your outdoor space, it’s important to have a maintenance plan in mind and in place. From five to twenty years, life expectancy of landscape changes dramatically based on how it is maintained. There is no such thing as a maintenance free landscape. Low maintenance may require far less work than other properties, however, no matter the size and scope, the result of a maintenance plan should be the most worthwhile aesthetic of your outdoor space. 

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