Celebrate Outdoors: Improving Your Holiday Landscaping and Decor

As the Denver area continues to cool off from a hot and dry summer, the fall and winter holiday seasons are just around the corner. With Halloween just weeks away and Thanksgiving and the December holidays following shortly, now is a great time to give your landscaping a holiday makeover. Whether you are a business trying to attract customers out doing their holiday shopping or a homeowner who wants to host friends and family, decorating your landscape is a wonderful way to show your holiday spirit.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that will help create a warm, welcoming, and friendly holiday atmosphere on your property:

6 Ways to Step Up Your Holiday Landscaping

1) Transform Your Landscape with Fall and Winter Plant Selections

As the seasons change and the greens of spring and summer turn to fall colors, one of the most effective ways to improve your holiday landscaping is to incorporate colorful fall and winter plants into your property. Colorado has a variety of native plants that will add color and texture to your property, keeping it vibrant and lively throughout the holiday season. By swapping out seasonal beds and adding winter plants to decorative pots and window boxes, you can drastically change your property’s appearance.

Some colorful native plants that are well-suited to tough Colorado winters include:

  • Wild Roses
  • Sagebrush
  • Red Twig Dogwood
  • Sumac
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper

2) Use Lights to Create a Warm and Inviting Space

Your property’s lighting has a tremendous effect on its curb appeal. Making lighting improvements around your property is sure to attract attention and make your property a more welcoming space.

There are two main aspects of lighting to consider during the holiday season when it’s dark outside for longer periods of time:

  • Functional lighting will make your property safer by allowing people to see better at night and avoid hazards like icy patches on walkways, as well as deterring criminal activity. Make sure you have adequate lighting in parking lots and driveways, along walkways, and around entrances.
  • Decorative lighting will help your property stand out at night and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Consider hanging lights above entrances, windows, and outdoor gathering spaces. Accent lighting and spotlights can also be used to show off decorations and key landscape features on your property.

3) Spruce Up Your Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs on the property are perfect for holiday decorations, so be sure to take good care of them in the fall. Removing dead or damaged limbs is essential property maintenance that can prevent serious accidents or injuries and promote healthy growth come springtime. Adding lights and other decorations to your trees and shrubs afterward can totally transform your property once the sun goes down, adding some serious “wow” factor with a sea of lights and color.

4) Decorate Entrances to Draw People In

Front doors and entrances are the perfect canvas to let your holiday creativity shine. A well-decorated entryway will act as a beacon that catches people’s eye from the street and welcomes them into your home or business. Holiday decorations, lighting, and decorative plant arrangements all play a part in designing a front entrance that is sure to show your holiday spirit.

5) Add Life and Color by Attracting Birds and Other Animals

Although many animals start getting ready to hibernate in the fall, there’s still plenty of animal activity during the colder months of the year. Attracting birds and other animals to your property will add life and color that will stand out during the otherwise drab and dreary winter months. Amenities such as bird houses, feeders, and bird baths are sure to attract birds to your property and have them stick around during the winter. Plants that provide food during the winter are another excellent way to attract birds and animals to your property.

Some great attractors native to Colorado include:

  • Wild Roses
  • Holly plants
  • Sagebrush
  • Serviceberry
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper

6) Stay on Top of Fall Cleanup and Maintenance

After putting a lot of time and effort into your landscaping and holiday decorations, it’s important that your property continues to look great throughout the holiday season. Leaf removal and trash policing are a must during the holiday season because trash and piles of wet or moist leaves are the perfect breeding grounds for mold, fungi, and pests. Snow and ice removal are also essential tasks to stay on top of during the holiday season to prevent accidents and injuries.

Are You Ready to Give Your Landscape a Holiday Makeover?

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