Landscape Facelifts – Updating Old Landscaping

Tips to Updating Older Landscaping

Transitioning from beautiful snow capped scenery to the peak of landscaped perfection takes time, planning and effort. 

However, it does not have to be a hard, strenuous process. If you feel your landscaping has become outdated or drab, understand, it is NOT necessary to start from scratch. You may just need a landscape facelift of sorts!

Giving your landscape a facelift can be more time efficient and cost effective to give your home or commercial property a fresh new look.

Start with Overgrown Items

Cut it down, back and away. Overgrown landscaping can cause many issues most residential and commercial property owners don’t see immediately. Overgrown landscape can block views, scratch siding, and cause damage to concrete or stained surfaces in drive areas, sidewalks or walking paths and patio areas. All of which can cause potentially costly repairs if ignored over periods of time. 

Reduce Unused Landscape Areas and High Maintenance Landscape

A large area of lush green grass can be eye-catching and nostalgic, but it can also create an abundant amount of cost to maintain. Between mowing, fertilizing, irrigation and weed reduction you can quite quickly rack up some cost, all while not really utilizing the area. Consider adding variety by way of trees, shrubbery, recreation area or gathering space. Simple rock or flagstone walking paths add usable area for all types of property, commercial and residential alike. 

Quick and Easy Landscaping Facelift Items

  1. Add New Mulch Around Trees and Flowerbeds
  2. Reduce Weeds and Treat Weed Prone Areas 
  3. Prune Shrubs
  4. Add Colorful Flower Beds or Potted Plants 
  5. Fill Rock Beds – Consider Alternative Yet Complimentary Rock Coloring 
  6. Add Dimension with Differing Height Materials 
  7. Power Wash Hard Surfaces Such as Entryway Concrete 
  8. Sand and Stain Surfaces – Ensure Surfaces Such as Patios and Fencing are Protected from the Elements 
  9. Fertilize Properly with Fresh Product 
  10. Ensure Irrigation is Working Properly and is Positioned Correctly for Maximum Impact 

Seeming overwhelming? Too Much Property to Handle? 
Don’t Know Where to Start? OR, Just Simply Don’t Want to Do It Yourself? 

No worries, we can help with all this and more. OnePRO Services is your one stop Denver outdoor property services company for an all in one residential and commercial landscape solution aw well as maintenance planning.  

At OnePRO Services we leverage our ability to handle any project into unbeatable pricing and outstanding customer service. Whether your project is small or large, or your commercial property just needs to be maintained, we can help you get things done right. We will work with you to ensure a plan fits your needs and your budget. 

We offer a variety of services including landscape design and installation, commercial landscape maintenance, hardscapes and concrete, fencing and asphalt services. 

Whether you are looking to do a facelift or looking to break ground on a new project, OnePRO Services is your one company, with all the outdoor services to make sure it is done right!