Planning and Preparing for Outdoor Improvements

Although it is winter time, those sunny days can lead you to explore what ‘could be’ for your outdoor space. If you have the itch to plan and prepare, make sure you consider the following to ensure a flawless execution.

  1. Determine a Budget (And Stick with It!)

    Average landscaping cost can be calculated at $4 to $12 dollars a square foot. However, if you are looking for the full design and remodel, it can be upwards of $40 a square foot. Make sure you know what you are comfortable with, and in addition allow for a comfort cushion for any unexpected overages in cost.

  2. Put Your Vision on Paper – Be as Specific as Possible

    Whether planning on your own, or hiring a designer, putting your vision on paper will help for clear visuals for additional steps in this process. Be specific! Instead of “tree,” think “aspen tree.” Or instead of “bush,” think “barberry bush.” Use dimensions, state colors and materials being used for items like pergolas and decks or patios. Don’t forget irrigation lines if needed!

  3. Obtain Necessary Approvals

    If you are hiring a landscape contractor to do the work, they should know the permit process for the types of work they frequently do. If you are going at it alone, make sure you are permit compliant with the state, county, and city in which your project is located. Homeowner Associations often require your design be submitted for approval as well. Be sure to start early as both processes can take time!

  4. Know Your Lines

    As the tagline goes, Know Before You Dig. Ensure you have located your utility lines and had them clearly marked prior to starting your project. Colorado 811 was created for just this purpose. In Colorado, contacting Colorado 811 three business days prior to digging will ensure all lines are properly marked and that all utility owners are notified of your intent to dig.

  5. Research Contractors

    If you intend to hire a landscape contractor, do your research. Who’s done work in your area? Who’s most cost effective? Who has the time to complete your project on your terms? Can a certain contractor complete your entire vision? It is important to find a partner in completion!

OnePRO Services is your one stop shop for all your landscape needs. We can work within your budget, help you with a design, provide the necessary items for permits and approvals, secure locations and install a quality landscape for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Call us today to start your spring planning process!