Preparing for Fall: Landscaping and Irrigation Preparation in Colorado

As we close the books on another hot and dry Colorado summer, we’re finally starting our gradual decline into cooler fall temperatures. Early fall is an important time period for landscaping; not only will it help your grass and plants recover from harsh summer conditions, it will also help prepare your property for the impending winter and snow season. Although we’re still a month or so away from winterizing sprinkler systems and the like, there’s’ still work to be done in order to prep your landscape for fall weather.

In this article, we’ll go over 7 important landscaping tasks to perform as summer draws to a close and cooler fall weather sets in:

7 Tips for Fall Landscaping and Irrigation Prep

1) Help Your Lawn Recover from Summer

Summer heat and a lack of rain can take a toll on your lawn. Early fall is a great time to help your lawn recover and provide it with everything it needs to wait out winter and come back healthier than ever in springtime. 

  • Aerating your lawn will help oxygen, water, and nutrients penetrate deep into the soil and nourish your grass root system.
  • Dethatching removes the thick layer of dead grass and plant debris (generally thicker than 1/2 inch) that lays on top of the soil.
  • Overseeding in early fall will help to fill in any bare patches of grass that died off during summer and give it time to germinate before it goes dormant in winter.
  • Fertilizing will help rejuvenate your lawn from the summer heat and also prepare it to go dormant in winter.

2) Tree, Shrub, and Plant Care

Trees, shrubs, and other plants also need care during the fall. In addition to watering and fertilizing, trimming and pruning are also essential for healthy plants and will set them up for a better spring bloom. 

Dead, damaged, or diseased limbs on trees and shrubs are a huge safety hazard during the winter when snow, ice, and strong winds can cause them to fall. Remove them ASAP, and be sure to call in the professionals when needed.

Trimming perennials, as well as pulling weeds and dead annuals, are also important tasks that will prepare your plant beds for cooler temperatures and a healthier spring bloom.

3) Plant Fall Annuals and New Trees and Shrubs

After cleaning out plant beds, planting new annuals will help bring some life back and add some color to your property. Some plants that are well suited to Colorado’s fall temperatures include:

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Coneflowers
  • Black-eyed Susans
  • Pansies
  • Ornamental peppers

Early fall is also a great time to plant new trees and shrubs, as the cooler temperatures help them get settled in easier. New trees and shrubs can be planned out in energy-efficient ways that can create effective windbreaks to divert cold winter winds and allow the sun to reach south-facing windows to reduce heating costs during the winter.

4) Stay on Top of Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is an essential fall landscaping task. Removing leaves helps prevent mold and fungal outbreaks, takes away potential homes for pests, and can prevent your lawn or plants from being smothered. Leaves can be removed from the property entirely, turned into mulch with a mulching mower, or added to compost.

5) Add Mulch, Gravel, and Other Insulators

Adding mulch, gravel, and other insulators during early fall will help to regulate soil temperatures as fall turns to winter, which can prevent the soil from freezing and damaging plant roots. They also prevent weeds from sprouting up and competing with your plants for water and nutrients.

6) Get Your Your Hardscapes for Winter

Your hardscape surfaces like concrete, asphalt, wood, and pavers can all use some maintenance before winter temperatures and frost action take hold. Filling in cracks and applying surface sealants will prevent water from working its way in and freezing once temperatures drop. Regular hardscape sealing and maintenance will extend your hardscape’s life for many years.

7) Fall Watering and Winter Irrigation Prep

Fall lawn watering is essential to preparing your lawn for winter. Watering as late into the fall as you can will keep your property hydrated during the winter. After fertilizing, give your lawn and plants a good soak to help the nutrients work deep into the soil. Deep root watering is another option to ensure that your trees and shrubs receive enough water before winter.

The relatively slim window for fall watering all hinges on the first freeze of the year. Generally, the month of October is the best time to winterize your irrigation system in Colorado. It’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast in order to give yourself time to schedule a professional irrigation system winterizing service.

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